Fine Warp on Environmental Responsibility… and Beyond

Sustainability Advantages of Flexible Packaging:

   Flexible packaging offers critical sustainability benefits, including reduced product waste, reduced package weight and improved package-to-product ratio.
   When compared to many packaging forms, flexible packaging offers numerous advantages throughout the packaging and product life cycles, from conserving energy used in manufacturing and transportation, to reducing food waste through improved packaging barrier properties, to minimizing packaging waste.

Environmental Sustainability

   We take our responsibility to the environment seriously at Fine Wrap through a variety of programs and initiatives designed to help us and our customers meet our environmental goals.

Reduce, Reuse, and Recover

   In manufacturing all Fine Wrap products, we strive to use minimal raw materials and to minimize toxicity, waste, production processes, and energy consumption. In our flexible packaging business, Fine Wrap resells or reprocesses a majority of our in-plant polyethylene trim materials. We are also committed to creating thin; strong packaging that minimizes environmental impact, particularly when compared to alternative, bulkier packaging options. In our pressure sensitive materials business, we have replaced most solvent-based adhesives with more environmentally-friendly alternative adhesive technologies and have recycling programs in place for many of the materials commonly used in the manufacturing process like cores, pallets, and scrap metal.

Technology for Tomorrow

   Fine Wrap research and development teams provide our customers with cost-effective, technologically advanced solutions that incorporate environmentally responsible developments. In addition to activities like right-sizing and down gauging, Fine Wrap is actively involved in the evaluation of alternative materials. For example, in 2007, Fine Wrap embarked on a partnership to develop and sell renewably resourced flexible films in North America using patented technology. The alliance will result in new packaging materials based on resin developed using high-amylose corn starch for use as a component of or as a stand-alone structure in flexible packaging for food applications. Fine Wrap also offers biodegradable shrink film made from corn, a renewable resource 100% biodegradable and is used as an alternative to petroleum based films.