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Aug 7,2016 0 216
At Fine Wrap Industries, we provide our customers with a combination of product quality, and flexibility, to meet the highest standards in the packaging Industry. We also offer original and innovative packaging and graphic designs that will enhance your products greatly. As always, our superior quality and service guarantees an excellent packaging experience. Our goal in the packaging industry is to be your partner in the success of your business.


Aug 7,2016 0 216
Another key strength of Fine wrap Industries, is our leadership in material science. Our flexible packaging teams are experts in polymer chemistry, film extrusion, coating and laminating, printing and converting. On the pressure sensitive side, we specialize in advanced adhesive technologies for customers around the globe.

Market Driven Manufacturing

Aug 7,2016 0 216
Fine Wrap combines this focus on innovation and material science with a manufacturing philosophy that emphasizes best practices within each market. We dedicate production lines, and in some cases entire facilities, to the manufacture of products for a particular market. This allows us to service customers with market-specific needs using the most advanced technology available in the industry.